– Which Government Information Needs Management?

It was rightly brought to my attention that’s it’s incorrect for this blog to assert that “ALL” government knowledge, information, and data (KI&D) is in need of knowledge management discipline. Apologies for not clarifying. General government knowledge, information, and data (better named “Government Business KI&D”) is the thematic subject of this blog’s articles. Government business KI&D is the knowledge, information, Read more about – Which Government Information Needs Management?[…] – So, how can government knowledge be controlled?

Taking control of all organizational government knowledge, information and data (KI&D) has rarely been attempted possibly because of negative absolutes that surround it: Information can’t be controlled; Managing information is the users’ job and they don’t know what they’re doing; The cost of getting it straight is prohibitive. These are complete fallacies. Information can be controlled, Read more about – So, how can government knowledge be controlled?[…] – Where is all of a government employee’s personally-created knowledge and information?

Although this is a blog for Government Knowledge Management, for the reasons I’m explaining below this article also applies to industry. Concerning employee-created knowledge and information, it should be understood that the traditional vertical movement process for more money or higher positions within industry has changed.  Moving vertically “up the ladder” in a single organization has Read more about – Where is all of a government employee’s personally-created knowledge and information?[…] – New LinkedIn Group: Government Knowledge Management

Hello Everyone, Please join the newly-created Government Knowledge Management Group on LinkedIn. Help solve how Knowledge and Information (K&I) is defined within government, what Knowledge Management is within government, and the scope of work for knowledge managers and KM teams across all levels of government, the military, and, in many cases, in industry by creating and contributing Read more about – New LinkedIn Group: Government Knowledge Management[…] – New Information Title? – Content Strategist

Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. recently placed a job listing on Careerbuilder (for as long as the link lasts) under the job title, Content Strategist. In addition to a paragraph of general consultant expectations, the most interesting bullets in the job description read: [X] years of experience with content strategy and organization with enterprise–level Web content management system Experience with Read more about – New Information Title? – Content Strategist[…] – Shared Concept of the Organizational Data Structure

2 Points Here Point 1) Awareness and Use of the Shared Data Concept In the early 1980’s, there was the first generation of INFOCOM’s great text adventure game series, Zork I. Being pre-GUI days, this game was completely text and relied on a constantly sustained image of an underworld kingdom fixed in gamers’ imaginations. To get a Read more about – Shared Concept of the Organizational Data Structure[…] – A Divergence of Managements

Especially clear in the largest organizations, the roles among varying levels and types of Information Technology (IT) support tend to aggregate into two high-level divisions: Technical Support and Functional Support, with Technical Support primarily supporting hardware and updates to software, and Functional Support primarily supporting the human customer with solutions to software related problems and questions. Read more about – A Divergence of Managements[…] – Time to take a stand for your information!

Basic questions about ownership of information have rarely been asked and satisfactorily answered. Who owns organizational information? If the agency is an unclassified DoD organization, services are mandatorily provided by Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), Joint Service Provider (JSP). Part of the JSP’s services includes information storage, in one form or another. [perfectpullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The Read more about – Time to take a stand for your information![…]

Knowledge Management – Its Time Has Come

Try this with a friend sometime and watch their reaction: “I’m going to try to get my arms around the enterprise’s information and organize it in such a way that it is viewable, reviewable, accountable, secure, measureable, searchable, archivable, accessionable, disposable, reusable,…” etc., etc., etc. The resulting look from your friend will read: “How in Read more about Knowledge Management – Its Time Has Come[…]