Standing up a Knowledge Management Office

Maybe “Office” is not the right word, since these “offices” turn out to be really just sections within a larger true business office; a KM section within a Finance Office or a KM section within a Project Management Office or a KM section within a Procurement Office are examples. KM is a such a broad Read more about Standing up a Knowledge Management Office[…]

Common Government Content Types

Here’s a list of the most common “corporate” content types used in government information management: AccomplishmentAction ItemAction PlanAgreementArticleAwardAward-relatedBriefing-PresentationBudget TemplateBudget-relatedCBJB-relatedCommunications PlanCongressional RolloutsData Integrity FileEmployeeEmployee-DataIGCEImage-customIPBS-relatedJustification and ApprovalMarket ResearchMeeting NoteMIPR-relatedMOI_COI-relatedNewsletterNon-RecordOffice File PlanOfficial CorrespendenceOrg ChartPersonnel RosterPMR-relatedProject NoteProject PlanProject Schedule-MilestoneReportRequirementResearchSample DataSOP-Guide Book-Desk Guide-ManualSOW-SOO-PWSSpecificationSpend Plan-relatedStrategyStrategy MilestoneSupplemental DocumentationSurvey-relatedTalking PointTaskerTasker ResponseTemplate – WorkflowTimesheetWARWeekly Report