– So, how can government knowledge be controlled?

Taking control of all organizational government knowledge, information and data (KI&D) has rarely been attempted possibly because of negative absolutes that surround it: Information can’t be controlled; Managing information is the users’ job and they don’t know what they’re doing; The cost of getting it straight is prohibitive. These are complete fallacies. Information can be controlled, Read more about – So, how can government knowledge be controlled?[…] – New Information Title? – Content Strategist

Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. recently placed a job listing on Careerbuilder (for as long as the link lasts) under the job title, Content Strategist. In addition to a paragraph of general consultant expectations, the most interesting bullets in the job description read: [X] years of experience with content strategy and organization with enterprise–level Web content management system Experience with Read more about – New Information Title? – Content Strategist[…] – Shared Concept of the Organizational Data Structure

2 Points Here Point 1) Awareness and Use of the Shared Data Concept In the early 1980’s, there was the first generation of INFOCOM’s great text adventure game series, Zork I. Being pre-GUI days, this game was completely text and relied on a constantly sustained image of an underworld kingdom fixed in gamers’ imaginations. To get a Read more about – Shared Concept of the Organizational Data Structure[…]