I’m a CIO in the cloud era…what do I do now?

“Most of everything I saw and learned over the course of my career has been swallowed by the cloud!” “Who am I now?” The traditional role of CIOs and the organizational infrastructure beneath has collapsed. The cloud “raptures” all the communications and electronics equipment responsibilities and cloud service provisions to the cloud service provider, relieving Read more about I’m a CIO in the cloud era…what do I do now?[…]

GovKM.com – A Divergence of Managements

Especially clear in the largest organizations, the roles among varying levels and types of Information Technology (IT) support tend to aggregate into two high-level divisions: Technical Support and Functional Support, with Technical Support primarily supporting hardware and updates to software, and Functional Support primarily supporting the human customer with solutions to software related problems and questions. Read more about GovKM.com – A Divergence of Managements[…]